Welcome to Saki Shelving

Saki Shelving has been providing high quality and affordable storage solutions since 1997. Based in Gauteng, we are an independent company sourcing and distributing storage solutions throughout South Africa and beyond. We pride ourselves in our company ethos which is affordable, reliable, efficient, and friendly customer service. No matter what the size and nature of your challenge, we have the skill and experience to assist you in reaching your goals.

On our web site you will find a vast range of storage solutions from light and heavy duty racking, shelving, lockers, cabinet, metal furniture and work benches. Generally the majority of these products are manufactured in SA.

If you cannot find the product you are searching for on our site, please feel free to call us, we are always happy to assist.

Project Work

We can assist with setting up your project and providing you with the most effective and inexpensive storage solution.

Our customer base is extensive. It is difficult to think of an industry or sector we have not supplied goods to from hospitals, SARS, education, engineering, restaurants, hotels, retail stores to name a few.

Bolt & Nut Shelving

Gondola Shelving

Stacking Baskets

Wall Band Shelving


Saki Shelving is committed to a tidier planet and continuously strives to source and create storage solutions to help you organise your environment and form structure.

We work hard to ensure all our customers receive a fair, friendly, honest and responsive service.